How To Remove An Eviction From Your Credit Report

An eviction can be removed from a credit report by disputing it with the credit bureau that is reporting it inaccurately. If the dispute process finds that the eviction is reported incorrectly, it will be removed from the credit report. Additionally, if the eviction is more than seven years old, it will automatically fall off a credit report. In some cases, it may also be possible to have the eviction sealed or expunged from a person's record through a legal process.

To challenge an inaccurate eviction on your credit report, you can:

  1. Request a dispute with the credit bureau.
  2. Provide documentation or evidence supporting your dispute claim.
  3. Wait for the credit bureau to investigate and respond.

If the credit bureau finds the eviction to be incorrect, it will be removed from your credit report. If the eviction is found to be accurate, it will remain on your credit report for the duration of the reporting period.

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